Marketing and Sales

Biz Magazine Spotlight: Surviving Inflation: Increasing Prices Without Losing Customers

In the current business climate, inflation is top of mind for business owners.  With respect to price increases, many entrepreneurs feel they have no room for a change in pricing when it comes to their products.  Entrepreneurs and business owners should be thoughtful about how they approach price increases, understanding...

Biz Magazine Spotlight: EAP Launches Spring Into Summer Series

When the time comes to turn a great idea into a business, many entrepreneurs realize that they do not know the first steps towards actually starting and running a business.  It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to lack formal instruction in business, finance, or the legal framework required for businesses. ...

Am I Ready to Grow My Business through Government Contracting?

Are you looking to contract with the government? Dr. Gayle Flowers of the NWLA Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) walks us through the steps to win those contracts!