LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning tool that provides over 17,000 courses to choose from, in 7 different languages. This tool allows you the ability to take courses taught by credible industry experts, with convenient, bite-sized courses that can be viewed on any device, at any time. Courses cover a variety of topics, and includes topics such as Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Excel, any many more. Once you have selected a topic, users will be able to select specific courses to take, with the ability to create Learning Paths for a particular subject area, or career field, or to take all recommended courses within a particular area of study.

Personalized Content

Empower learners to discover the content they need to build the right skills

  • Discover the right content from over 16,400 LinkedIn Learning courses in 7 languages taught by credible industry experts and 60+ new courses added every week.
    Customize the learner experience through curated Learning Paths. Create unique paths for specific groups of learners.
  • Leverage AI-driven recommendations to find the right content, surfacing content based on learning activity, LinkedIn skills taxonomy, and broader insights from over 700 million members and billions of interactions

Community-based Learning

Engage your learners by connecting them with people they can learn from and build new skills with.

  • Build community by introducing ways for learners to connect with one another. Learners can join learning groups, share and recommend courses, and watch courses with their peers and the LinkedIn Learning community using the social panel.
  • Reinforce learning with interactive Q&A.  Learners can ask questions and share ideas with experts, colleagues, and others who have taken the course right from the course page.
  • Curate learning at scale by empowering internal experts, people managers, and learners to create and share content, enabling learners to access content that was created and shared by people they know to help them succeed in their role.

Skill Development Insights

LinkedIn Learning also can identify the skills your other learners in your community are building, as well skills others in your community are in need of. This feature allows you to stay on top of the skills necessary to become an entrepreneur, or business owner.


For more information on learning how to use LinkedIn Learning, visit How to Use LinkedIn Learning, or view the Overview of Key Features, below.

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LinkedIn Learning Overview