Business Growth

Biz Magazine Spotlight: How to Fund your Business

The number one question asked by entrepreneurs with a business idea is “how do I fund my business?” Many entrepreneurs believe that grants are the best option for funding a startup business, but the reality is that grants that are made available to for-profit organizations are few and far between. More...

Biz Magazine Spotlight: EAP Launches Spring Into Summer Series

When the time comes to turn a great idea into a business, many entrepreneurs realize that they do not know the first steps towards actually starting and running a business.  It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to lack formal instruction in business, finance, or the legal framework required for businesses. ...

Author: Kay West, CEO and Business Consultant at PIPE Consulting

Four Customer Demand Insights to Help Businesses Strategize and Pivot

Over the past decade, technology advancements have strengthened how businesses engage with new and existing customers. Based on product availability, customers’ expectations for service are driven by “when and how” a business can meet their needs; this is called customer demand. Factors that influence customer demand include seasonality, competition, geography,...

Am I Ready to Grow My Business through Government Contracting?

Are you looking to contract with the government? Dr. Gayle Flowers of the NWLA Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) walks us through the steps to win those contracts!