Digital Marketing in a Post-COVID World

If your business has not already begun to make the shift to digital marketing, now is the time. Your potential customers have already moved to digital channels – from goods and services, clothing boutiques and brands, to restaurants and specialty food stores, the importance level of digital marketing went from important to vital overnight due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Today, after over a year of pandemic-related restrictions and lingering lockdown discussions, we are past the point of return to the pre-COVID days when online marketing was something your business would “get to eventually.”

Using digital marketing, you can reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. What is Digital Marketing? The term embodies so many different aspects of the online marketing world. Today, I’m here to discuss three things to keep in mind as you consider your business’ approach to online, web-based advertising.



The time for tackling this for your business is NOW. Every day that goes by, you are missing out on potential clients. The post-COVID world is different in that all generations are using online means for everything. If your business isn’t projected onto the web correctly, then you are as hidden as a gas station on a highway without a sign. If search engines, maps, and ads show your competitors instead of you, then quality, service, and the other upsides of your business are irrelevant.



Digital marketing should not be you and your secretary posting on Facebook and Instagram every day. Professionals are able to analyze types, times, and frequencies of posting and advertising that will reach the most people. Ads placed without knowledge of search engines and social media targeting are wasted time and money. If money is tight, know exactly how much you can spend, even if it’s a small amount, and use it wisely… don’t just abandon the marketing game. Who are you targeting? Where do they live? What are their demographics? How do you make sure they see your ads? Whether you use an in-house marketing specialist or contract to an outside resource, these are all questions that require answers for a professional to properly direct your digital marketing strategy.



Whoever you choose as your digital marketing professional – demand metrics. They should be able to tell you where your money is going, who looks at your ads and when, the response of one ad over another, and much more. If your digital marketing professional is not personally meeting with you, showing you data on how your marketing strategy is going, and getting feedback from you on how your business is responding, it’s probably time to look elsewhere.


Digital marketing is not for everyone, but it IS for businesses that want to grow their client base. Your potential clients are online looking for you – are you noticeable?



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Sabrina Events, PR, & Marketing
Owner, Digital Marketing Specialist
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