Biz Magazine Spotlight- EAP launches podcast featuring advice from local entrepreneurs, business owners

Launching and growing a new business comes with its share of unpredictable challenges — but it doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. On the Cusp, a new podcast launching in October by BRF’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) serves as a way to help business owners communicate with each other through storytelling. It will feature practical advice from entrepreneurs and small business owners who are actively changing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Northwest Louisiana. On The Cusp will showcase local entrepreneurs, community activists, and small business owners.

The hosts of the podcast will be Dave Smith of EAP, and Matt Snyder of PinPoint Local Marketing – a marketing and event company responsible for some of the area’s largest events – Derby Day, Crawfest, and Catahoula to name a few.

“We’re really excited about this new podcast. Communicating through storytelling is one of the best tools used to relate to someone. BRF’s economic development approach is to start, recruit and retain businesses in North Louisiana, and EAP works in each of these areas. This Podcast will serve as a way to positively drive entrepreneurs & small business owners, and remind them that they aren’t alone in their journey,” said Dave Smith, EAP Executive Director and podcast host.

“I grew up in Shreveport. I’ve personally watched the small business and entrepreneurial scene explode in the last 10 years and consider myself lucky to help a lot of these businesses on a professional level continue to grow their businesses. I’m excited to shine a light on these entrepreneurs and help them share their stories so that we can continue to help our local entrepreneurs and attract more of them to our area,” said Snyder, PinPoint Local Marketing.

The first five episodes of the podcast will feature special guests like EAP Financial Analyst Julie Gilley Milam, Cohab Director Jessica Schiele, local entrepreneur Eric Rippetoe, and Jon Ellis of Radiance Technologies.

The podcast launches on October 5th and will be available on your choice of streaming platforms. Visit for more details.