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Entrepreneurship in Action: Global Entrepreneur Week

In celebration of Global Entrepreneur Week, Launch Network participated in a discussion with panelists across the nation on how we've been able to support entrepreneurs through our local library partnerships. Check out the discussion at the link below! In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, SourceLink's Dara Macan and Rob Williams recruited...

Biz Magazine Spotlight: “Connecting entrepreneurs to business resources across North Louisiana”

"We need to showcase the resources we have, and properly leverage them in North Louisiana to face some of the challenges we've talked about for years. Now is the time. Let's see what kind of benefit that we collectively can have." -Dave Smith, Executive Director of EAP

Biz Magazine Spotlight: “Stories of Success: It takes a Village”

"During his work with EAP, Rippetoe received research and development funding from BRF's InterTech Venture Fund. Rippetoe is quick to point out the significance of EAP's partnership, stating that, "with the endorsement of EAP, I was able to secure funding from investors not yet known to me, which has given...