Biz Magazine Spotlight: “Stories of Success: It takes a Village”

The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) was recently featured in the latest edition of Biz Magazine. Check out the latest feature (page 13) on one of our Resource Partners, and how a local entrepreneur utilized our resources to launch his technology startup in North Louisiana, below!

“During his work with EAP, Rippetoe received research and development funding from BRF’s InterTech Venture Fund. Rippetoe is quick to point out the significance of EAP’s partnership, stating that, “with the endorsement of EAP, I was able to secure funding from investors not yet known to me, which has given my startup a vital opportunity to succeed. One aspect of EAP that is unique in our community is that entrepreneurs do not have to leave Northwest Louisiana to connect with investors, but instead can take advantage of the network developed by EAP, which includes the New Louisiana Angel Fund (NLAF).”