Apprenti Louisiana

Apprenti Louisiana is the first registered IT apprenticeship program in Louisiana, providing sourcing, screening and training for mid-tier IT jobs ready to be filled by highly competent people regardless of educational background or experience.


Apprenti Louisiana is the first registered technology apprenticeship program in Louisiana, providing a proven, reliable pipeline for underrepresented groups such as minorities, women and veterans to gain training, certification and placement in the tech industry in Louisiana.

Apprenti Louisiana will undertake the following plan of action in each Louisiana region:

1) Employer needs assessment- Working with our existing network, regional chambers of commerce, EDOs, WIBs and LA Workforce Commission representatives, we connect with technology employers in the region and assess their IT workforce needs;

2) Training partner contract- We communicate employer needs to the selected local training provider and bring in Apprenti staff to help vet training providers and design the training program. The training provider will typically be a community college or private training provider.

3) Community partner relationships- We build relationships with United Way, churches, career centers, WIBs, etc who may work with underrepresented populations and dislocated workers and help recruit candidates.

4) Apprentice interview and placement- Guided by Apprenti’s commitment to increase access to high-paying information technology jobs for minorities, women, and veterans, is a unique and comprehensive evaluation process. That process begins with the completion of a basic online profile through the Apprenti portal. The application does not require a candidate to disclose any education or employment background, rather a candidate is evaluated through an online assessment, followed by a series of phone and direct interviews. At no point in the process is the sponsor or hiring partner allowed to inquire about past work or education experience.

5) Apprentice training- The employer provides the selected apprentice with a contingent offer letter outlining the apprentice wage to be paid upon successful completion of the training, which is typically full-time for 3-4 months depending on the occupational role.

6) Apprentice Onboarding and Monitoring- Apprentices must complete 3 Industry Based Certifications during the apprenticeship. Each apprentice is assigned an on-the-job mentor, guided by the Apprenti supervision handbook, who must also submit quarterly reports on their progress. If apprentices successfully complete the milestones outlined in the first six months, they will be eligible for a minimum 10% raise.  Upon completion of the 12-month OJT portion of the apprenticeship, the apprentice receives a journeyman card that will be recognized as a national, portable certificate of occupational competence. The apprentice is then free to negotiate a permanent position with their employer and earn the going rate for entry level positions in their chosen occupation.

As a registered apprenticeship program, Apprenti Louisiana differs significantly from other workforce development programs: a) Unlike traditional job-training options, Apprenti combines education (10-20 week technical training) and paid on-the-job training (12 mos) for placement in a high paying, high-skill occupation; b) We can take advantage of federal, state and local governmental funding streams such as apprenticeship stipends and WIOA funds to help pay for training; c) By eliminating the barrier of educational or experiential attainment, Apprenti has been able to achieve high numbers of the target populations of women (21%), veterans (66%) and minorities (59%). d) Instead of a general 2 or 4 year IT degree, the program trains candidates in a short but intensive program based on specific skillsets geared toward a particular role.

Services Provided

Human Resources, Workforce and Talent

  • Apprenticeship
  • Workforce Incentives
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Jacquelyn Craddock
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