Author - Preston Langley

The Value of University Pitch Competitions

Have you ever seen "Shark Tank" on TV, and thought you've got what it takes? You may have a University Pitch Competition at your local college, to compete for prize money, valuable industry knowledge, and more! Megan Veilleux tells us more, below!

LA Nonprofit & Small Business Assistance Program

Attention all Louisiana Entrepreneurs! The Louisiana Department of Revenue has announced a new funding opportunity, aimed at small businesses and nonprofits. Your business could qualify for a first-come, first served grant of up to $25,000! Applications open Monday, August 16th, and the application can be found on the LDR...

Am I Ready to Grow My Business through Government Contracting?

Are you looking to contract with the government? Dr. Gayle Flowers of the NWLA Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) walks us through the steps to win those contracts!