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Few would disagree with the idea that Louisiana’s path to success must be paved by the owners of both new and growing businesses — and the big ideas that fuel them. Today, we take the traditional ways of reaching business success in our state and elevate them to a new level with the unveiling of Launch Network.

We’re excited to introduce you to the ultimate support system built especially for budding and established entrepreneurs in North Louisiana. Launch Network is a free service that aims to remove barriers that slow or hinder small business development. It is designed to accelerate the growth of our business community by streamlining the convenience and access to information, networks and people who can help. Too often, new entrepreneurs and small businesses operate in isolation when navigating complex issues, such as finding the right funding source, business registration and licensing, state and local incentives, and other common challenges. At the same time, people within the regional network have expertise, investment dollars, strategic planning tools, and knowledge to share — they also have passion and drive to help small businesses grow and prosper in our state. During this time of economic uncertainty, it is crucial for small businesses and Resource Providers to bridge the gap and advance the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.

There are four components of Launch Network that collectively become the most advanced online support system available to and for the business community in North Louisiana;

THE RESOURCE NAVIGATOR® – our search tool to explore and find the right Network Resource Provider for your business.

THE HELPLINE AT 877-352-0157 – where you can connect with a live person to find suitable Resource Providers for specific business needs.

THE EVENTS CALENDAR – your comprehensive guide to upcoming business events. Send your business events to [email protected] and we’ll include them in our calendar!

SITECONNEX® – right where you are now, which is Launch Network’s blog resource for tips, stories, and invaluable experiences shared by a variety of our members to help guide new and established business owners.

It’s the support network our business community has been waiting for, and this is just the beginning. Launch Network will grow and evolve with more resource providers; education partners and programs; investors; mentors; new and growing businesses; and, of course, big ideas. The long-term success of Launch Network will be largely dependent upon the engagement and participation of its members and the community, working together to propel Louisiana’s economy forward through flourishing small businesses.

For starters, this is an open invitation to participate as a guest author for one of our blog posts. This SiteConnex® blog will host a revolving door of business colleagues, all sharing their wealth of experience and knowledge – it is a place where everyone can benefit. Please consider sharing your guidance, stories of trials or triumphs, and tips with our business owners to help them launch, grow, and connect with the right resources to grow their businesses. Ask others to join who can give or receive this free support.

Call us to join, get connected, and sign up to author a future blog today at 877-352-0157.

Dave Smith

Guest Blogger
Executive Director/EAP
A division of BRF

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